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Our vision for the design consortium website is to offer a collaborative accessible platform for all of our design supply chain partners to facilitate partner communication, allowing individual users across the spectrum of expertise to come together, to provide input, access common platforms, and work collaboratively.

Our Mission

Willmott Dixon aims to inspire and astonish our customers: delivering quality, on time, right first time. To maintain and support our vision, we wanted to identify and work with like-minded people who believe what we believe. The Design Consortium delivers on this.

Our Values

To deliver a better products and services for our customers: Too many of our current schemes are hampered by contractual difficulties – examples include when will WD pay me? What about my PI? Should it be a CDP or not? Is my deed agreed yet? This stops us all doing what we really need to do, which is to serve the customer.

We help each other win new work and be more successful: Support each other on bids and proposals by sharing knowledge and experience. Let’s look at future opportunities together and offer something intelligent and well considered, so the customer doesn’t need to go anywhere else.

All projects will be delivered to a minimum of BIM level 2: Ideally at no cost to our customer.

We commit to true collaboration is our method of working: Organisational loyalties are secondary. We want to deal with real people as One Team, who share knowledge, opportunities, training, undertake joint CPDs, offer peer reviews as the norm, and genuinely collaborate with our supply chain partners.

We will deliver simplicity and efficiency: We make better use of off-site construction, prefabrication and standardisation. Let’s use the Yellow Book properly and develop standard, cost-effective detailing and specifications that are shared with all. Let’s not re-invent the wheel and provide a service and end product right first time, repeatedly.

We commit to a proper grown-up relationship: Using honesty and working in the best interests of the Design Consortium and not our own individual organisations.

Together, we will provide a lasting legacy: True for both the buildings we provide and how we go about our business. Apprentices, trainees, community engagement and providing real social value. We all do the right thing.

We will Challenge the status quo / fresh thinking: We are always looking for better ways to do things. Let’s share new ideas, innovation and raise the debate with our customers.

Enjoyment: A different way of working, where it can be fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Above everything else, improved outcomes for all, leading to sustainable growth and improved margins – for everyone.

DC Principles Booklet

The Design Consortium values and beliefs provide the solid platform to deliver successful projects. These principles are captured in the Design Consortium Principles Booklet.

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